Friday, August 5, 2011

A Special Post.....

Good Morning Girls.........I am thinking of my sweetie this morning as I post this picture....he took it earlier in the week of a print we found recently at an old friend's antique store......he LOVES the ARTS and CRAFTS style of design....Frank Lloyd Wright....the Green Brothers...any thing Stickley....part of that era offered amazing paintings of what they called "Plein Aire" style ....this style is really about the artist taking their easels ....paint...and talent into the big outdoors...finding a point of view that wowed them and painting it...this painting is done by Marion P. Sloane she was born in the 1800's around 1884 she died in 1954....I know it's difficult to see it up close....but it's really a wonderful scene of the Vermont hillside....this is in our family room which was originally..... in 1941..... when our home was built the was changed into a family room in the late 50's( as I understand the house's history) Anyway I am happy to share this with you ....happy to have my sweetie's input for this post....I'm hoping you all have a Fabulous Friday....we are suppose to have a "RAINY" weekend according to the weather if your on the East Coast...stay dry......bunch's of hugs .......Karena
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  1. I love that Vermont scene! Where did you say you found that. What a find! It looks to be an original print. Is it signed? Marian Parkhurst Sloane is one of my favorite artists. From the Boston Art Institute I believe. She loved to do the Vermont scenery. Thanks for posting this picture Honey.

  2. Interesting history and the painting looks wonderful. I love the console also. Hugs, Marty

  3. The console is actually the top of a very early fireplace mantle we found from an old farm house being torn down in North Carolina. It retains quite a bit of it's original green paint. The wood is very thick and the fireplace mantle is heavy and not easy to move, but we have had it displayed in several homes now. It is quite tall and the Sloan painting hangs above it inviting one into the Vermont countryside probably very near where my great,great,great,great grandfather lived in the mid-1700s. The fireplace makes a great surround for the ultra thin Samsung TV!


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