Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Saturday Morning Cartoons

 This morning hubby and I are awake at 6:30. Not sure why but it's a great reason to get up, start our coffee and plan our Saturday. When the morning light starts streaming through the windows, the birds start singing, I put my coffee cup on the counter while it's perking  I head back to the bedroom to let hubby know the coffee is almost ready I notice our dog and kitty friends think it's time to "rise and shine". I find myself watching their morning routine. Frankie Coffee Cake our tuxedo kitty stretches and yawns while rubbing up against our dog Terza as if to say "wake  up:" When our cat Lilly hears Frankie stirring she promptly jumps off the bed (because she hates Frankie). I observe this little scene every morning. It is comforting to me to watch but seems to be comforting to them as well. The personalities our animal friends have are so much fun to watch. Terza our "puppy dog" as I call him is over 14 years old. Still full of playful energy as well as an uncanny way of knowing where I am at all times he has been my best friend. Frankie Coffee Cake was a rescue kitty. He is around 3 years old now Lilly is 14. She is definitely the grand dame of our family. Very aloof, independent and truly has eyes for only one human being in life. She is hubby's cat all the way. To say she tolerates me is an understatement  Watching them play with one another when they think we aren't watching is like looking at a cartoon. I will share more about their antics later. For now I wish you a fun, spontaneous day ....Karena

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enjoying the "Hunt"......

                                   Good Morning girls...I was thinking this morning as I was reading some of my favorite blogs how much all of us that love to decorate, junk, and dig through flea markets all share the "Joy of the Hunt". I "ALWAYS" have a list in my head of some of my favorite finds. Things like architectural pieces, salvage, old garden sculpture. All things that can when "spied with my little eye" make my heart beat fast cause a blush of excitement and smiles that leave me SURE I am onto something fabulous !! I know you relate to what I'm  saying. This weekend hubby and I were on the hunt for a specific lamp for our family room. We left out on Saturday morning on a mission. As we made our way in and out of some of our favorite haunts, we came across EVERYTHING but the lamp we just knew was out there. We were on a junking adventure that took on it's own personality. We visited with store owners, talked to other customers. We laughed together at things we grew up with and haven't seen since our childhood. As we left the last store with no lamp in hand I said to my hubby..."Well we sure didn't find the lamp we came out for but we had a wonderful day"........I was reminded why the hunt is so enchanting provides it's own gift's and surprises even if you don't find what your dreaming about. So here's to enjoying the hunt. Blessings to you today..........Karena

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents Day

I can remember when I was in grade school we had 2 days off in Feb. for Washington and Lincoln's birthday.  It was always a big a day to enjoy good "SALES". Today will be a peaceful, quiet day for hubby and I. I'm so happy to have some extra time together. Maybe we will indulge our dreams for an early Spring and find some flowers somewhere to look at. A place to wake up the "GARDEN LOVER" In us. We have wonderful garden space and potential in our "Pine Cone Cottage". Now is the time to start planning what we would like to create. Garden's are truly a gift from the Lord. It is never lost on me that the GARDEN is referenced in the bible, songs are written, devotionals are published ...with a Garden theme. My favorite hymn of all time is "I COME TO THE GARDEN ALONE". I sing it often and when I do I always have a minds eye view of a beautiful garden full of flowers trees and water. A place that welcomes you. Bids me to wander, relax, and breath  Mother Natures brand of PERFECT for today I wish you a day full of peace.....a peace that surpasses all understanding........a peace that only comes from the Lord....bless you       Karena