Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Organizing in the Attic

We had a store when we lived in North when we moved here much of the store came with us. Part of the goal for our attic is to have EVERYTHING we can...put out and displayed so we can EDIT our treasures...some for yard sales....some to keep.....the rest God willing to sell on line somehow...the space up there to do that is nothing short of....LUXURIOUS... you can't really see from this picture but like any attic off to the sides under the side wall of 2 by 4's there is 6 to 7 feet of slanted open floor space to stash the plastic crates.. We went through each of them to condense the things we need to keep things etc. Now with floor space beginning to clear we got out the mops and brooms to start the cleaning portion of our work. I will share more tomorrow......right now my to do list for today is looming......thank you for popping in....have a COOL......BLESSED .....DAY.......Karena

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  1. so nice to see it the way it "was." so much nicer now. Can you access any of the pictures on Picassa I shared with you? Maybe this blog was from awhile back before I came--not sure. I don't see a date. You sure have done a lot of work in a short amount of time. I loved staying up there.

    love, Nan


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