Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Cozy Cabin in our Attic

Have you ever dreamed about something you wanted to CREATE....not sure how you'll do it or even if it will turn out the way your hoping. Well we've been dreaming for many years of having a walk up attic.......old school......like the Walton's had. A dream my sweetie has shared with me for over 8 or 9 years ....he grew up in houses during his childhood that had this kind of attic. He has told me all about the forts, clubs, hiding places, secret nooks and cranny's he and his sisters played in. When we found this house he never mentioned all the wonderful things it offered that he KNEW I would be "OVER THE MOON OVER".....like a wonderful wood burning fireplace....a great kitchen......lots of windows letting in a flood of light in almost every room, the one thing he REALLY didn't mention was the attic. He wanted me to be surprised he saw the house first you see .......then came home to tell me about it as we were living in the Carolina's then......after I'd seen the whole house he asked me to follow him to a door in the entry way. As we opened the door he asked me ..."Are you ready ?".....this is the kind of attic I've been telling you about. As I looked up the tall flight of stairs I was aware of the beautiful wood beams the sound construction .....then as I climbed the stairs the whole length of our living space down stairs was stretching out before me in a HUGE room with 3 windowed alcoves and 2 more windows sprinkled around the space. As I approached the top step I looked around .....there to my right was the fireplace chimney with exposed brick, beautiful wood plank floors, and cross beams to die for. I was almost skipping through the space with a child like joy and excitement I couldn't contain........I felt like a little girl again.

It was the beginning of our "DREAM COME TRUE"....In the days ahead I will begin to share the transformation of this amazing space .....with much team work ....lots of anticipation buckets full of water for mopping, brooms for sweeping and lots of windex......the dream began to take shape...I hope you will enjoy along with us the wonderful thing that happens to the human soul when we allow ourselves to dream.........then to create........and finally to ENJOY.........may the Lord bless you today with his loving presence.........thank you for stopping by girls......can't wait to meet you as my "Loblolly "..... journey.... continues.......Karena
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