Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Thoughts

We had friends over for dinner Thursday Night this is our friend getting ready to take a picture I thought you might like to see the setting
our kitchen nook  set for company   

Hubby and I enjoy entertaining so much Having friends over to share a meal is always a blessing. The fun of planning the menu shopping for the food is a loving exercise in sharing. My favorite part of all is pulling the table together getting the dinner ready and anticipating our friends arrival. We have a very small nook off our kitchen that shares space with our family room. Even though it's "petite" we make it work. I am always taken back by the sweet acceptance of our guests to overlook the somewhat tight quarters. They all give themselves joyously to the evening with smiles, laughter always generous in their sharing. I often think of Jesus sitting with the disciples sharing a meal outside or in with Martha and Mary or others that he met along the way. It is something that ALWAYS gives my soul a good dose of HIM. I hope you all will have a wonderful Saturday. Hubby and I have errands to do for one of our cars we will try to squeeze in some fun along the way. May the Peace that surpasses all understanding be your today girls.......God Bless you.......Karena

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's been busy around here

I've been so busy these last few day's my time on the computer has been non-existent ....over the weekend we had the family over for dinner. Sunday was a really nice day  weather wise so we got out in the garden to dig up some rose bushes I wanted to move then I found a hydrangea that would look much better in the front yard so we moved that too. It was such a wonderful time being together outside getting a feel for the gardens. We talked to some of our neighbors as they walked by a few of them were in their yards too. I just LOVE THE FEELING SPRING CREATES........there was a joy and anticipation as we all talked together about what was growing in our yards who had what tree's budding what garden plans we were excited to share with one another. My sister was so sweet she brought us some seedlings she started for our "Victory Garden". I'm calling it a victory garden cause it's been over 8 years since I've tried to plant anything like squash, lettuce, tomatoes. I am going to conquer my nerves and self doubt I am going to wait for the threat of frost to end then I am going to BE BRAVE AND PLANT. I am really excited about deciding what will grow here I will take some time to read a little about some of the things I'd like to have during the summer months. It is also a dream of mine to "PUT UP" some of the things we grow. So for now I will make my choices, wait for Bonnie Plant's to show up in the nursery's. Hopefully the next time we chat I will have plans for where the garden will grow best. Hope you all have a blessed day. Pick something you love to think about today....something that makes you smile........then think about it all day picture it in your minds eye. At the end of the day I bet you have a heart full of peace and joy as well as smiles. The word tells us to think on whatever is good for a bring us closer to God's purpose in our have a Great day girls............Karena