Thursday, August 8, 2013 so much fun....

This picture went away when I published this post so it's out of order to my narrative. SO here is the iron foot board I am speaking about below...

Good morning girls's a cool Thursday here in my neck of the woods it's nice to sit outside under the umbrella for coffe ...I am already thinking of you going about your own morning routines are you all drinking coffee too ? 
These candles are from Yankee Candle they are in containers we had over Easter that went on sale recently but the candle themselves are our "conceal" candles for outside they do not smell like citronella they throw off the great scent of eucalyptus ...but the brilliant thing is how well they ward off no seeums and Mosquitos ...I can't remember a summer I've been outside more !!!!
 What a relief it is to find a product that works so well...leave it to Yankee Candle....

This picture is of the patio we created outside our garden gate..this was actually a part of our driveway when summer started but I envisioned it one morning in May as something more I set about creating a courtyard feel with the space that eventually led to pulling the table and chairs onto the driveway placing an outdoor rug under it to create a coziness to the area while at the same time adding some warmth too.  My sweetie is the one that imagined the look of a gate that would add some architectural interest without REALLY being a permanent fence as we have to be able to move it all aside when we need to pull the old f150 truck my sweetie has out of the garage right now it is In a state  of "silent antiquity".....he found this amazing iron foot board that we are using ...I thought you might enjoy looking at it...well sweet friends this post is already very long so for today I will say so long thanks so for popping in blessings and big hugs....Karena 


  1. Love the look with the headboard:) Great idea! I will have to check into those candles, thanks for the tip! We have had SO much rain down here and the "skeeters" are awful! Have a blessed day dear Karena, HUGS!

  2. Very relaxing! Have a beautiful day!

    love, Brenda


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