Friday, March 4, 2011

Pretty Maids in a Row

In our garden there are 3 of these adorable Daffodils standing in a row. I had to get really close since they're too small to show up in the frame. Spring is peeking her way into the landscape and boy am I happy about it. I have mentioned in my "Porch Sittin" post that we have recently moved to a new house. We have been here almost 6 months waiting for spring so we can get out in the garden to clean the beds rake the lawns and take a  to step back and IMAGINE.....for hubby and I this is almost the funnest part of gardening. Yes we BOTH love to get our work dud's on and get our hands dirty. Those moments of digging, fighting with roots discovering what lies beneath the pine straw that's been a protective covering through the winter is so much fun for us. We have found that whatever little plot of land we start with begins to "talk"...if we listen closely our Garden presents itself. What should be planted, where how tall or short, bush or flower perennial or annual. Gardening is an adventure...A surprise every time we get out in that dirt to find our way towards a garden that feels like US. I hope to share some pic's as we get started. These little yellow gems let off a "Twinkle" of excitement as they keep pushing their faces towards the sun. Loving the anticipation. I hope you find yourselves full of joy this morning ...excited to take on the day.  Karena

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who Says Miracles Don't Happen

 This Miracle I refer to is the long awaited, much anticipated arrival of my very own digital camera. Yes girls I have my very own fabulous Canon Power Shot.  I am so over the moon to share this with you . Yesterday my  phone rang around 9:30 am it was my oldest daughter my "BABY GIRL". She has been the light of my life for 31years My heavenly father really knocked it out of the park when he created this amazing human being. Then miracle of miracles he chose ME to be her mother. When I answered my phone she said "Hi Momma what are your plans for today "  Nothing I replied she said "Good come pick me up we will go get you a new camera." I squealed with surprise and joy just like a little girl. That DAUGHTER of mine. So off we went all smiles and anticipation. An hour later with my angels help and expertise she had chosen this dynamite little camera for me. I have to say this is the easiest camera to snap pic's with and then download into my computer. As we spent the afternoon together I was reminded how much our heavenly father loves us. I  know that our Lord cares about the details of our lives, our hearts desires are a priority to him. He has revealed that TRUTH to me time and time again. I have so many things to thank and praise him for. Thank you Lord for my daughter for the generous soul you have given her. Thank you for this post I pray blessings for everyone that visits. I am looking forward to sharing my journey with words AND pictures...have a wonderful day girls                .Karena

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

With a Little Help from my Friends

 I have been beating the bushes trying to understand the "tools" I need to download pictures off my LG phone. My youngest daughter brought me something I could adapt my phone card with so I could put it in a jump drive to download my pictures. My sweet friend Kacie from "two downings a day" coached me on some of the things I can do on my blog with pictures, post's, and design. This morning I decided was THE morning to bring all this new found knowledge together and try to make it all a reality. I had my coffee, visited with hubby before he had to get ready for work then went to the special place I had everything stashed, with great enthusiasm I sat down in our family room took my card out of my phone took the little adapter thingy and pushed my phone card into far so good. Then I took the jump drive and put the little card into it. No so good, it seemed way to small for the opening on the jump drive. I looked at it thought "are you suppose to look that little in there"....oh well I had to try I'd gotten this far so I stuck the jump drive into the side of my computer. Nothing I took it out of the right side and put it in one of the ports on the left side. NOTHING...I looked at the side of my computer the left side had 2 spots that you could put something in, so I tried the second spot still NOTHING, they say it takes a village. My niece who gave me the jump drive on Sunday told me when I put it into my computer it should bring a window up that would allow me to download the pic's and save them to a folder. Well I have been putting that jump drive back and forth from left to right into every place it could go, NOTHING HAPPENED.  I sat here looking at my screen like it was going to talk to me or something and tell me what I'm doing wrong. After a second I decided this isn't working I don't think  today will be the day after all. SO now I take the jump drive, and try to "click" my phone card adapter thingy out. OH OH,,,I can't even see it in there let alone click it so it will pop out. What now... I put a flat nail into the opening to try and get it to pop out. No luck, then I tried a vintage nail file then my heart sunk...the jump drive came apart. Oh no did I break it I decided to go for it I took the jump drive completely apart and got the phone card adapter and  phone card out then snapped everything back together. I will persevere  I will find a way to get this figured out. Till then thank you for visiting, even though I don't have any cool pic's to share with you I'm so glad you stopped by. I pray a blessing over your journey for today. Remember girls whatever your going through today our heavenly father has you EXACTLY WHERE HE WANTS YOU........FOR HIS PURPOSE AND GLORY....Karena