Monday, January 2, 2012

  Each Day

     A new year just beginning,
     Each day a fresh, new start,
     To fulfill your hopes
     And pursue the dreams
     Sustained within your heart.

     Put God in charge;
     He'll plant the seeds
     Of affection, love and care.
     Like a garden, your life will grow
     With kindness flowering there.

     And as you face the wonder
     Of each day's mysteries,
     You'll see God's hand
     Unfolding, daily, possibilities!

     And as each day comes to a close,
     Dream a dream or two,
     Then with a prayer thank dear God
     For each day given to you.
                      Poet, Gael Phaneuf

Welcome Ladies to the second day of's finally here ....I woke up this morning to a thankful heart...reminded again of the "WONDER" we all wake up to every truly is such a miracle this life we as I try to get my day started I wanted to take a moment to share this poem that was in my daily devotions from "God's Minute" lifted me up my heart a song for the day...I hoped it would give you the same thing...I pray we all see God's hand unfolding the possibilities each day holds for us....I hope you have a blessed day today....hugs till next time....Karena


  1. What a beautiful bit of sweet poetry. I, too, am full of wonder and joy for the day ahead- xo Diana

  2. Karena:

    I love this poem...Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed 2012!


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