Friday, February 11, 2011

Patience is a virtue

This morning I've been trying to understand downloading pictures on my blog. How do you do many can you do you get new backgrounds and header designs. I have to be patient with myself. I am not familiar with the computer. I am not familiar with creating a blog and personalizing it to make it mine. BUT....I do have a spirit of adventure and persistence. I ask you all to feel free to share suggestions as I continue this journey. I can see the my blog evolving. So for today I am excited that I figured out how to download the picture above. I know the Lord has his hand on my life. He cares about my blog as well as the path I need to walk to LEARN how this all works. Thank you all for stopping by, I pray your day is full of blessings and new things!!!! Karena

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb. 10 I'm thinking about snow

I woke up this morning to SILENCE a hushed mother nature kind of quiet that gave me peace. I opened my eyes, peeked out my window and saw the MOST WONDERFUL BLANKET OF SNOW. We had 3 or more inches over night. I know to some of you that sounds trivial. But for me 3 inches of snow seem like a miracle. I spent most of my life in Southern California. The chance of snow  did not exist. As I got to my feet and headed to the kitchen to make coffee I began to thank the Lord for the surprise of snow. It feels like a present. I was thinking about a fact I'd read recently,  before the first snow flake falls it began high in the heavens 8 hours earlier. It seems to me that faith is like that as well. We have prayed over something waiting anxiously for the answer. Sometimes it feels as though we're never going to receive it. How wonderful to think faith is like snow. Just because we can't see it right away doesn't mean it isn't coming. We might just need to wait for "some time" before that first snow flake of change falls on our life....just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't coming !