Friday, February 11, 2011

Patience is a virtue

This morning I've been trying to understand downloading pictures on my blog. How do you do many can you do you get new backgrounds and header designs. I have to be patient with myself. I am not familiar with the computer. I am not familiar with creating a blog and personalizing it to make it mine. BUT....I do have a spirit of adventure and persistence. I ask you all to feel free to share suggestions as I continue this journey. I can see the my blog evolving. So for today I am excited that I figured out how to download the picture above. I know the Lord has his hand on my life. He cares about my blog as well as the path I need to walk to LEARN how this all works. Thank you all for stopping by, I pray your day is full of blessings and new things!!!! Karena


  1. Hi honey, this is your husband responding to your blog..........I have enjoyed reading these paragraphs here and there. You are having fun with this I can tell! I love you! Bob

  2. Hi Honey, I read the above but don't know if I am reading what you wrote today or if it was another day. but I am digging around in your blog and it is a great site. I know you are having fun and learning lots at the same time!

    I love you! Bob


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