Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Am so glad to be BACK......

Well my friends I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last post...I haven't been gone for any health reasons or sadness or for any SERIOUS thing really but a new addition to our family that I would like to introduce you to this minute....this beautiful boy is our "Huckelberry Finn".....adopted in November of last year ...the 14 th to be exact. They had an adoption weekend at our local Pet Smart that our eldest told her momma about on the fly. After work that Saturday I drove over "Just to look" you see I had to ya know puppies all shapes and sizes are my HAPPY PLACE.                                      

So I walked in straight to our boys kennel....the rest as they say is down the road we went towards home HE has been the bulk of my distraction these last few months.  I hope you all are doing well while I've been gone !!!!! Here's another thing I've been trying to figure out... posting with my ipad and adding I found an app from blogger for free which is why I am writing you all now but I can't figure out how to ad more pictures or edit them with pretty frames or write what I want underneath them like I could do on my Asus lap top thing is my Asus is over 4 years old now and SO Slow if any of your have any ideas or experience with iPad my ears are wide open.... Blessings and big hugs girls till next time....Karena