Friday, March 11, 2011


This was such a cool idea the pink container was a HUGE plastic cupcake liner they filled  with dirt and a potato plant  surrounded with moss. You can't see it but this was the centerpiece to a wheelbarrow garden like those in my previous post. They had these all over the show. I asked one of the display workers where I could find some and they said garden shops around the country will have them when they start gearing up for Spring. Maybe even Loew's and Home Depot.  It was inspiring to me it really got my "creativity rushing". I pray you all have a wonderful day we have so much to be praying about today. I woke up to the news of Japan's earthquake. I know how scary they can be because I grew up in Southern California we had MANY earthquakes never so big as an 8.9 I know a quake that big in LA would be devastating. As we take on our day let's lift everyone concerned up in prayer... God Bless you girls.........Karena

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great Ideas

This was so clever they took an old wheel barrow filled with plantings and misc. things  to create this ADORABLE  plant bed.  
A closer pic of Wheelbarrow garden
This was such a fun day I enjoyed seeing the creative ways all the different Gardens were created   They had patios built (completely temporary) gardens hung from the rafters with ivy and flowers they even had Loblolly Pines brought in that were over 20 feet tall...It was impossible to take all the pic's I wanted to there was so much to see. I have one more really cute thing I will share tomorrow. I hope you all have a great day. I am blessed today to remember the one that creates this beauty like clock work every year since the beginning of time. Our Lord must love us so much to give us this gentle reminder every year during the season of spring. Just as mother nature wakes up from her winter sleep to burst forth with new life a Garden of fragrance , color, and surprises. Our lives can break out of hard times, stale days, and sometimes lost hope. With our Lord's hand on us we can ALL look forward to a new season of possibilities and growth. Bless you today girls..........Karena

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Surprise for me this weekend

This weekend hubby had a surprise for me. I woke up to a question "Sweetie would you like to have breakfast together today"....I smiled said "that sounds like fun" then we were off. We drove had breakfast at I-hop one of my favorite places. Then continued towards the beach till we arrived at a convention center  that we always go to for Antique shows. As we drove by I wistfully said "I wish there was a Big Flea here today". Big Flea is the name for an annual Antique show on this side of the country. I don't think they exist on the West Coast. Anyway as we got closer the parking lot was full. Hubby said let's go check it out. So we pulled in parked and walked in (after purchasing tickets) to the "MID ATLANTIC GARDEN SHOW"....I was so excited to see all the Garden displays and exhibits. I have pic's to share with you later. I have a busy day today so this post will be a little short. I will share more tomorrow. Have a                                                                  wonderful day girls....blessings Karena