Friday, March 11, 2011


This was such a cool idea the pink container was a HUGE plastic cupcake liner they filled  with dirt and a potato plant  surrounded with moss. You can't see it but this was the centerpiece to a wheelbarrow garden like those in my previous post. They had these all over the show. I asked one of the display workers where I could find some and they said garden shops around the country will have them when they start gearing up for Spring. Maybe even Loew's and Home Depot.  It was inspiring to me it really got my "creativity rushing". I pray you all have a wonderful day we have so much to be praying about today. I woke up to the news of Japan's earthquake. I know how scary they can be because I grew up in Southern California we had MANY earthquakes never so big as an 8.9 I know a quake that big in LA would be devastating. As we take on our day let's lift everyone concerned up in prayer... God Bless you girls.........Karena

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