Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Have Always Loved "The Enchanted Cottage"

The first time I saw this movie It was 1963 I was 7 years old.  "OLDIES"  held a fascination for me. I was mesmerized by  the music laughter and wonder they provided. I spent hours with faces like Carol Lombard Cary Grant Humphrey Bogart. The 1930's and 40's I just loved watching these old movies . As I  grew up my "Favorites"  all floated to the top . The "Enchanted Cottage" is and has been at the top of my list all these years. It has never been available before on DVD ....until now. Turner Classic Movies has recently released it for the public to  finally own .I won't say much more about it except to encourage those of you who have never had the joy of seeing this most romantic story with Dorothy Mcguire and Robert Young find it...rent it..... buy it. Choose a moment to set aside some YOU time grab some popcorn your favorite beverage , sit back and ENJOY an afternoon of pure bliss. I guess all that's going on this week with Japan's earth quake the  worry of the sunami affecting friends and family on the West Coast has me longing for time to escape for a moment with an "Old Friend" !!!Any time I've needed encouragment or escape this movie has provided it. I was given a vhs copy of it from a friend in 1989 she recorded it for me off the "American Movie Classic" channel I had that tape for all these years until It recently tore 3 christmas's ago. My daughter's boyfriend found a place online that will create old movies that are out of print on a new DVD. That is how I have come to own a copy of my own. It is one of my most treasured possessions I hope if any of you know this movie or share my enthusiasm for it you will let me know. Till then have a wonderful Wed. My prayer for you all  today is peace, joy, and a surprise or two..........Our Lord loves each and every one of us........That is something to SMILE ABOUT.........Karena

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