Monday, March 7, 2011

A Surprise for me this weekend

This weekend hubby had a surprise for me. I woke up to a question "Sweetie would you like to have breakfast together today"....I smiled said "that sounds like fun" then we were off. We drove had breakfast at I-hop one of my favorite places. Then continued towards the beach till we arrived at a convention center  that we always go to for Antique shows. As we drove by I wistfully said "I wish there was a Big Flea here today". Big Flea is the name for an annual Antique show on this side of the country. I don't think they exist on the West Coast. Anyway as we got closer the parking lot was full. Hubby said let's go check it out. So we pulled in parked and walked in (after purchasing tickets) to the "MID ATLANTIC GARDEN SHOW"....I was so excited to see all the Garden displays and exhibits. I have pic's to share with you later. I have a busy day today so this post will be a little short. I will share more tomorrow. Have a                                                                  wonderful day girls....blessings Karena

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