Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents Day

I can remember when I was in grade school we had 2 days off in Feb. for Washington and Lincoln's birthday.  It was always a big a day to enjoy good "SALES". Today will be a peaceful, quiet day for hubby and I. I'm so happy to have some extra time together. Maybe we will indulge our dreams for an early Spring and find some flowers somewhere to look at. A place to wake up the "GARDEN LOVER" In us. We have wonderful garden space and potential in our "Pine Cone Cottage". Now is the time to start planning what we would like to create. Garden's are truly a gift from the Lord. It is never lost on me that the GARDEN is referenced in the bible, songs are written, devotionals are published ...with a Garden theme. My favorite hymn of all time is "I COME TO THE GARDEN ALONE". I sing it often and when I do I always have a minds eye view of a beautiful garden full of flowers trees and water. A place that welcomes you. Bids me to wander, relax, and breath  Mother Natures brand of PERFECT for today I wish you a day full of peace.....a peace that surpasses all understanding........a peace that only comes from the Lord....bless you       Karena

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