Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enjoying the "Hunt"......

                                   Good Morning girls...I was thinking this morning as I was reading some of my favorite blogs how much all of us that love to decorate, junk, and dig through flea markets all share the "Joy of the Hunt". I "ALWAYS" have a list in my head of some of my favorite finds. Things like architectural pieces, salvage, old garden sculpture. All things that can when "spied with my little eye" make my heart beat fast cause a blush of excitement and smiles that leave me SURE I am onto something fabulous !! I know you relate to what I'm  saying. This weekend hubby and I were on the hunt for a specific lamp for our family room. We left out on Saturday morning on a mission. As we made our way in and out of some of our favorite haunts, we came across EVERYTHING but the lamp we just knew was out there. We were on a junking adventure that took on it's own personality. We visited with store owners, talked to other customers. We laughed together at things we grew up with and haven't seen since our childhood. As we left the last store with no lamp in hand I said to my hubby..."Well we sure didn't find the lamp we came out for but we had a wonderful day"........I was reminded why the hunt is so enchanting provides it's own gift's and surprises even if you don't find what your dreaming about. So here's to enjoying the hunt. Blessings to you today..........Karena

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