Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding.....

Yep.....I was up at 5:30 this morning to see what everyone is calling the "Wedding of The Century"....good morning girls. I have to say most of the time I don't get caught up in these kinds of events... BUT....I am a Princess Di fan....I miss her kindness on this earth her inner beauty was as stunning as her so admired outer beauty.  I couldn't ignore such a special day. I was a new bride when Diana got married to Williams father. I remember watching their wedding wondering when they had children what kind of world they would be coming up in...what kinds of changes would we all be experiencing I am sure that if Diana were here she would have been so proud today of her eldest son....every mother in the world can relate to that ......I took this picture off my TV...I hope it's not too grainy...Okay enough about the wedding. I do have a question for you all this morning..... as all of you first started blogging did you notice "followers" right away ??? I am so new to the blog world. I have been here two months now. I am still learning every day how to go about doing "buttons" "posts" and all the other apps available .......If any of you could give me some input I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT....I know the Lord has given me this blog for his purpose I love him so much....I want to have an open heart be brave and share some of the things I've experienced on my journey....things that may bless  as some of you have  experiences that may be similar to mine....I have been blessed so many times by so many of YOU......I'd like "A Loblolly Life" to be a part of that spiritual gift.......I pray blessings on you all today.......happy Friday.......hope your weekend is fabulous........Thank you for stopping means the world to me.

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