Monday, November 21, 2011

For Me It's All About....Tradition...

My Goodness time is flying by....the weekend was a whoosh.....Happy Monday to you sweetie is home today he has a somewhat flexible's a treat to be together on a Monday...kinda feels like were playing hooky ...I have been about the business of recuperating from this back I have been following the doctor's orders to rest ...I've had oodles of time to think about Thanksgiving this Thursday....

I was comforted by the list of  "Traditions" this time of year brings..Thanksgiving is a big deal to me.....I've always viewed it as the "Gatekeeper Holiday" is the beginning of the Holiday Season...time to get out our good plates ...inspect them for chips or cracks...time to think about how to set the table or tables in case you have to set up more then my life growing Italian family always took the "KIDS TABLE" seriously...that was our designated eating I grew it was an unspoken job to help Marmie with the stuffing preparation ...that meant cutting celery...onions...soaking the day old loaf of bread making sure we had a can of poultry seasoning and of course her secret ingredient ..."Italian Sausage" sweet not spicy...cooked up ...cooled ..then cut into tiny pieces to add to the bowl ...then I would help hold the Turkey openings ...front and back so she could stuff that bird....she always said.."take your time Karena...use all the stuffing...pack it in really tight"...

Watching Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade is how we started the morning came on early on the West this very moment it is something I STILL LOOK FORWARD TO....

The floats were always fascinating to me growing BIG...I can't wait to see what's in store for us this year...

My favorite time on Thanksgiving Day is when the whole family is called to the table...we all took our places...excited to see the "FINISHED PRODUCT" Marmie would walk down from the kitchen into our family room...holding the Turkey on her biggest tray....we would all ...ohhh and awww....then she'd place it in the center of the table...take her seat and ask my dad to pray....GRACE over our thanksgiving meal was my favorite part...we all held hands ..there were 12 of us when the whole family was together...after the prayer...Dad would carve the turkey...and say...LET'S EAT....

So girls...from my house to yours this week I pray you all are healthy...happy ...full of joy to be with ALL your "Special Faces"...I will be thinking of you...blessings and hugs till next time...Karena


  1. Blessings to you too dear Karena! Love the warmth that Thanksgiving memories bring! Enjoy your day with your fella, HUGS!

  2. Oh Karena- It sounds like you have wonderful traditions at your house. We ALWAYS have a kids' table at our house, too. It sounds like many of your traditions are like ours...including the sausage in the stuffing!

    I hope your days are blessed and wonderful. I love Thanksgiving, too~and this year we have a brand new baby to be thankful for. xo Diana

  3. So sweet, so loving and so very very YOU.

    I just love how you share from your heart.

    God Bless you my friend.



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