Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Feeling Blessed...& Full Of Smiles

Good Morning ladies....it's been a busy exciting time for me last week on Monday I started back to work at Yankee Candle Co. I was so blessed to be asked back when my sweetie and I popped in on a mall walk during my recovery...my manager asked if I could come back after I was fully recovered...Monday was the big day ...to say it felt GREAT to be back is an understatement...

On Friday last I experienced something I could have never dreamed or even imagined would happen to me...I mentioned a couple of posts ago about my friend Christine...what I didn't say is ...she is a PHD ...is writing a book on "Couples" that have been married for years and are STILL CRAZY ABOUT ONE ANOTHER...she also has a radio show in our neck of the woods called "Breakfast with Bacon" ( sort of a play on words since her last name is Bacon)...the day I posted about was a visit we shared over coffee at Barnes and Noble...I was truly encouraged by her open spirit and caring heart...

What I didn't mention in that post was an invitation she offered me to come be on her radio show that following Thursday...she asked if I could meet her at the radio station to record the show on tape for Friday June 15th...I humbly accepted ...drove over  met with the station manager and his wife...then sat with Christine for an hour to record her show...it was an amazing experience...the call letters are WYRM locally we can type www.wyrm.com into the computer the station # is 1110 am. I received a phone call from Christine 30 minutes before the show aired she was flying home from Chicago and left me a message....her radio shows are very uplifting...Christ centered...and always meant to inform and encourage her listeners...I felt so peaceful sitting across from her as she directed our conversation...not nervous at all...when we were done I sat across from her in utter amazement at her ability to create this hour long show with no script or pressure....just her and I 'CHATTING' ...she's got a GIFT....

If I never have another opportunity like that one again in my life it will NOT diminish the surprise of that moment or the joy I felt being a part of it all....I just wanted to share this with you because it reminded me what an adventure life is....when we think were stuck in our lives or find ourselves wishing for some change or movement in our daily journey ...it is coming ...when we least expect it....something wonderful can FALL RIGHT INTO OUR LAPS....I pray you each have a wonderful day today sweet friends....blessings and big hugs till next time...Karena


  1. Karena,
    What a blessing and what an amazing experience to be a part of. So glad to hear you are recovering and starting back at work. God is good.


  2. What a wonderful opportunity! I know you did an awesome job! Congrats on getting your job:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  3. How wonderful that you were able to experience that, Karena. I just love that happened to you. AND you got hired back! LOVE it- Blessings- xo Diana

  4. Good day
    Feeling Blessed...& Full Of Smiles
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