Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hello Again....HELLO

WOW....I had no idea SO much time had gone by since my last post....over a month... almost the whole summer... I am happy to be here and happier to say I missed you all....I have been experiencing some technical difficulties with my modem these last weeks it is randomly turning itself off or dropping my wifi connection....urgggg ....I have been so frustrated....that on top of getting used to working again along with LIFE has kept me oblivious to the passing of time....

I haven't been doing much since I spoke to you last...staying at home mostly when I'm not at work ...being a good girl not to go out and about wasting gas in my little "RAVIOILI" my is SO unfair to have the gas prices dictate my FUN....oh well I know I'm not the only one...I have been spending time in the garden picking cucumbers...I have harvested 4 so far and they are delicious but I do notice the difference between the home grown flavor and texture as compared to the store bought...much crunchier I think and lighter in color inside ...also less seeds...I have had fun growing the cucumber and the tomatoes....not have much luck with my tomatoes yet....have only picked 1.....SAD...still I will persevere ...looking forward to at least ONE MORE FINE RIPE TOMATO before summer is over

I have been bird watching in my garden as well....our bird friends have been SO entertaining this season....I will share some photos later of some changes I made in the back yard this year that have been stunning opportunities to invite our new feathered friends into our space....they are so much fun...It has taken me hours to get this far in my post as I have to get up....turn the modem off then on...start my computer all over again...on and on....still trying to get an answer from Verizon about a solution to till next time girls ....which I promise will NOT BE A MONTH FROM NOW....blessings and big hugs to you....Theresa if your reading this a big hug to you friend...thanks for your sweet message...your an angel....have a wonderful Sunday...Karena


  1. I was tickled to see that you posted:) I have missed you and happy that all is well! Sorry about the technical difficulties... happens to all of us from time to time! We have enjoyed our garden this year, lots of cucumbers and tomatoes! The squash didn't do too well but we enjoyed what we did harvest! Have a blessed day and get that stuff fixed so you can blog:) BIG HUGS!!!!!

  2. It is so nice to see you posting here, Karena. I know it is awful to have wifi connections. I hope you are doing well with your job. I have been busy, too, and summer has just rushed past. Have a wonderful Sunday-xo Diana

  3. Yes, wi-fi can be such a pain. This happens to me in the library and affects whether or not I can work. I don't have a choice about working so it is a real pain. Had to give up Friday and go home when there is so much to do and without Internet it won't happen.

    For the first time in many years I had three tomato plants and while only a few tomatoes they were delicious. I hope to do better next summer. But I have enjoyed my flowers, geraniums and the pine trees. I don't know if you got the pix I sent to your email a while back. Hope so.

    I do enjoy hearing about your garden and your new kitty only today didn't sound so good. I will pray that situation resolves without complications.

    Hang in there. Love you,



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