Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's Time.....

It's official....TIME TO SAY GOODBYE TO SUMMER....still can't believe it's over...we didn't do anything really fun this summer except our trip to Nags Head...we enjoyed being in the garden... looking for surprises here and there...we did discover a great big surprise a few weeks ago hiding under our fern stand on the front porch...a cat...we thought was from the neighborhood turned out to be an abandon kitten someone left ...we started to make friends so we could get close enough to check him out and see if he was okay...aside from being thin and a bit dirty he was in great shape...poor little guy he was scared and lonely but seemed to happy we were around...after a bath...some good food...and some long stretches of kisses and cuddles we decided to keep him...we named him TYLER....Frankie our tuxedo kitty was so sweet to him...he was welcoming...Tyler is a bit too playful with Frankie so he lives part time outside...he seems to love it...

Here he is trying to look like he ISN'T POSING for me...he's really good at seeming uninvolved...

His time outside is spent playing  ...chasing butterflies....looking up at the bird feeders ...and jumping into our dogwood tree...something Frankie has never experienced...he has been an indoor kitty might be wondering how they get along ....Frankie and Tyler....they're still pensive of one would have been better if Tyler could have been a girl...but my sweetie says as the kitty ages and we get him fixed they'll be better friends...he calls them the kids...

The birds have been my favorite this summer swooping and chirping ...entertaining me every morning as I wake up with their antics...the Safflower they are eating makes them come in droves...they line up all over the yard the trees on the roof tops...over the porch...everywhere eying the perfect spot to get their first meal of the day...well girls I hope your all enjoying this holiday weekend I work tomorrow ....thinking it's going to be a busy day...till next time blessings and big hugs....Karena


  1. Oh how sweet to take the little kitty in:) I know that is one lucky little one to have such a loving family and home sweet home! I don't know where the year has gone! It makes me sad that time flies by so fast as we get older! I just try to enjoy ONE DAY AT A TIME!

    Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Your bird feeders look nice with the flowers. You are a nice person saving that cat. Smiles, Susie

  3. It is hard to believe that summer is coming to an end, isn't it? I love you new adopted baby! That little Tyler is just darling. I hope the "kids" get along even better after he is fixed. Happy weekend- xo Diana

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  4. Okay-Just got back-checking to see if word verification is off....


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