Monday, May 23, 2011

Letting the Light shine

Lazy... cozy.... wonderful moments spent in our morning room with my sister-in-law Nan and hubby for two weeks has been luxurious. Not just the running around to Estate- yard sales or walking around museums or checking out new places in our part of the world. The REAL BLESSING.....has been all the conversations we've shared. Opening our hearts to one another.....laughing ....yes... sometimes crying ......praying together about the things our souls are groaning over...that gift has touched my has allowed me the opportunity to know once again that family is at the HEART of our human experience......if we appreciate those relationships ...if were able to "dive" into the story's and experiences each of us bring to the table we can bless....affirm....and value each other in knew way's. I never had a our family it was my sister only.......hubby and Nan had 2 other sisters. Listening to them reminisce about their childhood antics ........laughing with them as I hear these tales for the first time is valuable to me. Not to mention what it gives them to have the opportunity to weave a colorful memory of their lives......oh I sound a little sentimental.....that's okay....I am just trying to share how wonderful these last two weeks have been ......we take our little traveler to the airport in an hour or so.....back to California she goes. I hope all of you had a great weekend. I thank you for stopping by blessed today...Karena
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  1. I had a wonderful two weeks with Bob and Karen and her family. Yes the conversations and sharing were the highlight and gave us each the healing we needed at the moment in our journeys. I loved my room in the "tent upstairs" and I love all my pictures. I keep adding more of them so if you haven't seen the latest go back to "Bob and Karen's Home" in Picassa. You are doing a beautiful job of creating and sharing on this site. On with the "Good" work.

    love you and miss you, Nan--I love to think of the cardinals visiting their feeder in the "tent upstairs."


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