Monday, August 15, 2011

Has This Ever Happened to you.....

The weirdest thing happened over the weekend....I lost my Internet connection on Saturday Morning ...I called our provider but couldn't get through because they are on "strike" the recording for the call center said so I was without connection until late Sunday afternoon...when I finally was able to get on line I went to publish  some comments on my last post from Friday morning ....half of it was gone....the whole beginning paragraph weird is that....have any of you ever had this happen ..So if any of you beautiful lady's are visiting out there and you happen to read my post "Shoo Fly Shoo" it may  seem a bit incomplete...I am holding off replacing any thoughts in case it fixes itself.. oh well for this morning I am spending time with my sweetie...he's off today so we're going to hang out together...I do have some pictures from around the house I thought I'd share....have a wonderful day is gloriously cool here this morning .....I'm thinking a cup of Seattle's Best Coffee up in the attic....for now I will leave you with the pic's below.....wishing you blessings and big hugs ....Karena


  1. Hey there.
    Not sure if it is just me but I am having a hard time seeing your posts. The text runs into the pictures on your sidebar and is not visible. And you might want to try downsizing your pictures, they run into the sidebar also. Like the ones of the fern, tree and laundry sign? The vertical ones are fine...
    Might just need to tweak things a little bit...
    HAGD! karen

  2. Everything looks fine to me:) I am happy you got your connection back! Hope you enjoy this gorgeous day my friend, HUGS!


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