Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tinsel Anyone.......????

Hi there girls....I woke up this morning thinking " It's time to decorate"....I love this time of year ....cradled between Thanksgiving and begin thinking about how I'd like to create Christmas ....I'm not sure why the first thing that came to me was whether or not you can still buy ."TINSEL"....I have wonderful memories of standing beside the tree with Marmie and my sister as we decorated our  tree it was always so thrilling ...we would work our way around the tree with the lights...then the ornaments....taking great care as we handled each one...I can remember asking where each ornament came from...some years there was know the aluminum kind colors like gold, silver, green , or red....I was never a big fan....I thought it took up too much space on the tree...Marmie would step back now and then to observe our progress ...taking time to notice the "empty" spots on the tree....we took great pride as we chose each branch to make the tree look balanced as we chatted with on another...we always had Christmas music on the stereo ...Marmie said we needed it for inspiration....after all the ornaments , lights, and tree skirt were set the last step before hanging the star on the top of the tree was ....opening the box's of ...TINSEL...Marmie would tell us to do the bottom branches while she took care of the top....

Putting Tinsel on the tree has been a tradition for many years....

These Santa's look like they "embrace the tinsel"......

This picture is one I found online...I saved it because it reminds me of how our tree looked so many years ago...even the 1950's TV....the feeling of being 7 years old was overwhelming when I found what do you think any of you have memories of ...hanging  tinsel on your trees ...

I'd love to hear your Christmas Memories....I know you all have some fabulous traditions I think we'd all enjoy ....It would be a thrill for me to hear some of them....I hope you have a good day the way do you all have any special secret you use every year for placing your tree after it's in the you add anything to the 7up...or aspirin....or ?....if you do I'd love to hear about it...I pray blessings on you all today....big hugs as well....till next time...Karena


  1. The best kind of tinsel is the old kind that was made out of lead. It was heavy and really looked more like an icicle than the new stuff. I have some antique tinsel that I sometimes use and I carefully save it because I am sure that sort of tinsel won't be made anymore. Love your Santas and vintage wreath.


  2. I love Tinsel, when we were kids we would hang it all over the tree, probably too much for the tree but never too much for us kids. Such great memories from my childhood.

    Thanks for sharing my friend.



  3. My Christmas memories certainly have tinsel in them! You are making me want to go find OLD pictures of our little trees that we cut out of the woods! I have tears just thinking about those days when both of my Parents were living! It isn't about the STUFF, it is about making memories! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!


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