Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Brine....or ...Not To Brine....

This question may not be not be familiar to may not know what on earth ...."BRINING"
Not to worry....I didn't either ....until 2 Thanksgiving's ago when my daughter and her sweetie bought a jar of Brine to use that Thanksgiving on the turkey...
This is a Jar of Brine from William is filled with spices and in this case fruit..
  • For moist, succulent turkey, professional chefs and home cooks alike rely on the old-fashioned technique of brining. Brining helps keep the meat juicy without giving it a salty taste – you’ll never have to worry about serving a dried-out holiday turkey again.
    • Our perfectly seasoned blend takes the guesswork out of brining.
    • Includes coarse sea salt, dried apples, juniper berries, lemon peel, Spanish rosemary and other herbs, plus large black tellicherry, sweet Indian green and Madagascar pink peppercorns.
    • Combined with water, the mix draws moisture and flavor into the meat, keeping it tender and succulent as it cooks.  The pictures and above instruction is from William Sonoma...check it out...
This Brine is from Bed Bath and Beyond....I share that to say you can find it almost anywhere....when the kids first used a Brining kit on their Turkey I was amazed at how succulent....juicy...moist....and tender the process made the meat....
One of the things I never expected was how tasty the meat was for  sandwiches....casseroles..when Thanksgiving is over....there is always so much food to consume ...with some imagination.. .(maybe a good Gooseberry Patch Cookbook for inspiration)... they're are LOTS of things we can do to use up the last tasty slices of ...Brine soaked Turkey
When it's time to make the gravy ...the Brining juices are incredible for salty well as making for a creamy ...smooth gravy....this is something my daughters sweetie and I work on together.... It' our "  Tradition "...                                    
I hope this suggestion has been helpful....I love to learn new things when it comes to cooking's one of my all time favorite experiences...I am trying to get into the doctor today...I am suffering way to much with my back...I need to find out what is wrong...and God willing ...FIX IT......I hope you girls have a splendid day...blessings to you and big hugs till next time........Karena


  1. Yep-We have brined for a couple of years now after my daughter-in-love started doing it! It makes a huge difference! xo Diana

  2. This is a wonderful suggestion--I never heard of it before. Thank you for sharing. I will look for it.

    Sometimes kidney problems can seem to be a back problem. I do hope you will find some relief. Pain medication isn't always the answer.

  3. My Sister is in charge of the TURKEY:) I will make sure she sees this post! I love traditions, they ARE what makes the Holidays special... spending time with loved ones!

    Enjoy this gorgeous day my friend, HUGS!

  4. Wow, I think I will "brine" this year. Thanks for the info.

    Love to you & prayers for your back.



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