Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another Day In "Whoville".....

Good Morning Girls....It's another day in my....LOBLOLLY LIFE....I am STILL dealing with some health issues...I've never had a season in my life like this one...the doctor I went to has me scheduled with a pain management team after the first of the year....until then I try to do as much as I'm able...

But as I've shared in previous posts....the physical limitation has kept me from decorating yet for this BLESSED SEASON...I did manage to get down all our fall stuff...pile it up on our kitchen table my sweetie could box it up and bring it upstairs.

The past week I've been going to work regularly manager has been very kind to schedule me for no longer then four hours at a time...I have been so thankful to the Lord for this distraction...I just take my happy pills before I leave....that shapes me up JUST FINE..they are only prescription strength Advil and a muscle relaxer.....I go to the chiropractor twice a week...he has made an amazing difference even though I am still not back to my old self...he assures me in time my body Will the meantime I try to keep moving...what's that old saying..."A body in motion...stays in motion"...anyway during this time I've had extra time to spend on the computer just looking around at some of the things I am passionate about...

I found this site about ....little cottages that are under 900 sq feet of living space .....but.... pack a visual wallop of seems folks are buying these little beauty's to live in...  they downsize ....BIG live SMALL....seems like a smart thing to do...we don't really need all the stuff we have....I like the thought of it.....

I love "Storybook" style houses this little peach caught my eye....I could see living in this little reminds me of "Snow White" ......I am disappointed that I didn't think to bookmark this site for revisiting...if I find it again I will give you the are all of you doing with your Holiday preparations ....I've seen as I check in on are all looking very ....CHRISTMASIE......I guess that's it for today girls....I hope you have a blessed day...big hugs until next time...Karena


  1. Hi Karena,
    What a pretty name...I have a cousin named Korina...similar but both pretty.
    What a wonderful blog - I have enjoyed looking back at different posts.

    Goodness what adorable cottages - I can just imagine how adorable they look inside.

    Now I can relate to pain...been dealing with it for 20+ years.
    Today I actually had a Neuro-Stimulator put in for pain. Not sure how it's going to work but right now I'm sort of in lala Hope you find relief.

    Also, THANK YOU for becoming one of my followers.

  2. Dear Karena, I hope you get to feeling better real soon! I know it is tough to NOT be able to do all the things you want to do! Hang in there, I will be praying!

    I actually built a little cottage to use as a poolhouse/guesthouse at the edge of my woods:) I love it! I loved watching it being built, painting it and decorating it:)

    Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  3. Hi Karena- I hope you can get your pain under control. I live with it every day and it can really GET you sometimes, can't it?

    I love your little storybook houses..the 2nd one is just darling. I used ot dream about running away to a place like that...and then my coffee woke me up!

    Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

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