Sunday, December 4, 2011

Still Dreaming Of A White Christmas.....

Happy Sunday to you's cool in the house ...temps are suppose to rise into the low 70's here....I wanted to say a quick hello as I am working today....4 hours that will fly by....helping folks pick or find their favorite "Yankee Candle"...conversation with some of my customers has included a like minded wish for ...SNOW..being a California girl It is always at the top of my wish list.....Last year the weatherman predicted we might have snow Christmas Day....after dinner  ....we all took a look outside to find the first floating flakes falling from the sky....I can't tell you how happy it made me...or how excited we all felt to receive Mother Nature's perfect gift....

My sweetie has tomorrow off....AND so do I....this was a precious gift from my Heavenly father...having the day together we might be able to get down our Christmas box's .....I am chomping at the bit to dress our little cottage up for the Holiday' sweetie mentioned it too so I know he's looking forward to the transformation....tonight when I get home from work I will call the Family to invite them for Christmas Dinner....
As we work....create...and share the ...JOY....of the season...I will be "DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS"....this photo is of a snow storm we had in North Carolina  two years back...our back yard was blanketed with white...the bird friends that were so use to eating out of our bird feeders and bathing in the bird bath showed up see if anything was left for them to eat under the snow.......I took this photo out the Kitchen window...I remember that snow stuck around for a few days with more pleasures me to look at this picture... I know lots of you will or maybe already have snow on the lucky ducks....I pray all of you have a cozy day today....I will be thinking of you...thanks for stopping by....big hugs and blessings too....till next time.......Karena


  1. I hope you get your wish and have a White Christmas:) We had one last year but that is very rare here in Georgia!

    Enjoy your day with your fella tomorrow! I know you will get lots accomplished! HUGS!

  2. Well, we don't have any snow here yet, Karena! But it will soon be upon us. We are usually snowbound by this time of year. Your pictures out the kitchen window are great.

    I haven't had a chance to be visiting blogs lately with new baby, 2 year old and recovering Mama staying with us.

    I hope you had a wonderful Sunday. xo Diana

  3. You are a lucky lady to enjoy the day off tomorrow with your best guy! I love those days.
    I need to get my decorations up, just so busy. No snow for us here but brrrrr cold temps.




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