Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking Forward To A New Year......

Good Morning beautiful girls....well ....I don't know about you but I am thinking of ...NEW YEARS EVE...we will say good-by to 2011...this year has been a mixed bag of blessings and challenges for me...I think I look forward to 2012...I've always liked the even years better then the ODD ones....the hint might be ... they're called odd for a reason....have you all made big plans for this Saturday night....I think we will be at my daughter's with the whole family to greet the new year I'm really looking forward to it...I wanted to ask you girls a question....have you all heard the rumor that 2012 is the last calendar year recorded...I think they say some cultures through history believe the world will end by of course I don't believe that for a second...but I thought it makes for interesting conjecture as to why the calendar would stop this coming year...I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...the family came to our house to be with us...I was so thankful to have all my faces here....we had fun...ate good food...everyone chipped in was nice...the day is calling me girls so I better say so long....I pray blessings on you this day....big hugs from me to you...till next time Karena


  1. Big hugs back! Have a wonderful and safe New Year!
    :) Karen

  2. I know- That thing with the Mayan calendar is really, really ODD, isn't it? There is so much speculation going on in the Christian and non-Christian communities about what it really means.

    I am looking forward to a fresh new year, too, Karena. I have been delighted to meet you in this odd old year~ xo Diana


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