Friday, December 30, 2011

Opening My Heart To "Possibilities".....In 2012....

As I was thinking about the coming New crossed my mind that this is the time  some of us begin pondering  a Resolution to mark our HOPES for the months ahead....we begin diving into the "Thing's" in our lives we would be glad to say good-by to...extra pounds perhaps...our attitudes on one thing or another...maybe we'd like to be more "Present" in our daily can be a mixed bag of should do's....I was watching TV over the Christmas Holiday and saw a commercial for Jane Seymour's ..."OPEN HEARTS" pendant...I fell in love with the  look of this piece of jewelry....and with the saying she came up with when she created it...."IF YOUR HEART IS OPEN ...LOVE WILL ALWAYS FIND IT'S WAY IN"...I am not typically a jewelry loving kind of gal...but the deeper meaning I found in her creating this pendant sparked a thought....... I've decided to forgo any resolutions this year....I am going to try and LIVE  2012 with an open heart....

To look around as the year begins to all the beauty ....all the perfect everyday  things I so many times take for granted 

To stop straining against the clock....time is a wonderful  thing if we  look at it as our friend...

I want to smile more....laugh every day....find kind words to share with the faces the Lord  brings  into my  life...

Pamper myself and my loved ones more....I want to love luxuriously....find the  Peace our  Lord intends for us everyday...

Oh yeah....and I will take time to indulge my love of...creating... designing ...and finding  ways to  use my treasures...I hope you girls have a splendid day today...thank you for stopping by.....blessings and hugs till next time....Karena


  1. Karena- What a beautiful post. I try to do that, too. I try to live with an open heart and let others in that I might have closed out when I was younger. I love the sentiment behind that necklace she created. This is a wonderful thing you have shared here.

    So....did you actually ASK Santa for one of those? xo Diana

  2. Oh what a beautiful post and perfect reflections for the new year. Hugs, Marty

  3. Karena:

    Thanks for visiting my blog....I just loved reading your post on Opening Your Heart, so inspirational!

    Happy New Year!


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