Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Reminded ...Things aren't Always What They Seem

Good Morning girls...I just came in from saying goodbye to our youngest daughter and her sweetie...they drove out yesterday evening to visit with us...such fun to have unexpected time together...I have been busy this week with appointments ...gardening...and some rainy day cleaning as "Beryl" moved through our area yesterday....I also had a chance to visit with a friend of mine at Barnes and Noble Tuesday afternoon...we chatted for hours over a  cup of coffee ... do you ever find yourselves experiencing others in your life as more together....happier....smarter....admiring them as having ..."IT" ...all figured out...I do...there are times in my everyday journey I feel like I moving toward something I can't see....I know a purpose is out there waiting ....circumstances confound my steps day by day till I feel isolated ....a bit lonely....believing for the moment that I'm the only one that feels  what I'm visit with Christine started out that way...never expecting as we shared that she deals with similar feelings....bumps up against her own walls of confusion....uncertainty ....wondering if the Lord is hearing the groaning of her soul....what we were able to see Tuesday is what a wonderful thing communicating is...what GOODNESS can come of being honest ....authentic...and brave enough in our hearts to risk telling ...our ...STORIES.......we BOTH had something important to bring to one another in our we left each of us felt poured into....heard...and healed in a special way....all because we were REAL with one another...we each went home feeling better then when we arrived......HOW AWESOME IS THAT....thank you Christine....I thank my heavenly father too for the gift of that visit....well girls I guess that is it for this post...I hope you all have a splendid day...till next time blessings and big hugs....Karena


  1. Awww sweet visit with your friend. God had a plan for that day for the both of you:). Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs

  2. Such a wonderful post and a great reminder to lend and ear and to "really" talk with a friend. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  3. Spot on, Karena, Bless you and Christina too! I am thinking of you --and praying too! There is nothing like a "face to face" conversation. We'll do it again some day.

    love, Nanne

  4. There is nothing quite like a friend. They seem to know when we need someone to listen, or give a hug, or give us a shoulder to cry on. Life can be overwhelming at times and that is why God gives us each other.


  5. I think we all deal with that from time to time...the struggle of wondering what we are supposed to be doing and what our greatest purpose is. I think the feeling of isolation can be found in a lot of people's lives. I always think of my father saying that you come into this life alone and you go out alone in the end. Thank God we have Him to guide us on our journey in between birth and death. xo Diana

  6. Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well g7capsules


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