Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Surprises in my Garden

Good morning girls I am up early this morning  peeking at my garden after an evening rainstorm ...I have been so blessed I wanted to share with you all the plants my bird friends have brought to our garden...but before I talk about that I wanted to share some pics of the side garden this year it has changed a bit ...this is a flower I planted last season after my heart surgery from a seed pack my sweetie brought me ....it sure didn't do much LAST year ....but look at it now the rest of these photos are of the side yard we have changed it quite a bit this year I had two Christmas tree trunks we'd saved looking at the space one day I thought they would look good as bird feeders dug down into the garden to secure them ....the birds  love them as you can see the feeder is empty....more seed is on my to do list I suppose the rest of my post will have to wait for next time this one is getting  long thank you all so much for stopping by....BLESSINGS and BIG hugs to you ....Karena


  1. Karena- It looks beautiful. Your gardens are so very pretty. Good use of the Christmas tree trunks, too- xo Diana

  2. SO much beauty:) Love the flowers AND statues! Hugs coming your way dear friend!


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