Monday, March 28, 2011

The Snow is Falling

Good Morning Girls....I woke up this morning thinking about the beauty of snow how unique each flake is how spectacular we all feel when we've heard on the weather station we will be getting some. The joy of "Anticipating" it's arrival every human being I've ever known loves snow ... Recently I heard a statistic that my heavenly father used to give me an analogy. The fact is that when snow starts falling in the atmosphere it takes 8 hours or more for the flake to hit the ground. As I pondered this the Lord revealed to me that snow is like his answers to prayer. The weather man tells us to prepare for snow we bundle up our children, get food in the house we make sure our animals are inside (if they're not already) we physically DO things in preparation of a something we CAN'T SEE YET....just because we can't see it doesn't mean it isn't coming.If we trust the Lord when we are pouring our hearts out to him when our souls are groaning over something so important that we ache for his help for his answer for him to MOVE. What would happen if  we told ourselves "THE SNOW IS FALLING" even though we can't see it.  I have stepped out in faith over this "thought" since the Lord gave it to me. Here are some of the things the "snow" has brought me. Healing, better relationships, this blog, .....on and on the "SCIENTIFIC FACT" has lined up with "HEAVENLY ANALOGY" that it takes time to CREATE ....time to ARRIVE...time to sisters think about this as you walk your day out today. Our God is the star breather the universe maker the creator of snow the way he also tells each snowflake how they will look long they will last....and how much of them will fall.........our God is a MIGHTY GOD...loving you all today and praying you are ALL BLESSED with the knowledge that the snow is falling's coming........just for you........exactly when you need him ........Karena

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