Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Girls Best Friend

I know the Lord created dogs because he knew we needed a little bit of him on this earth. Dog friends love us unconditionally with their whole heart's ALL THE TIME....this is our dog friend Terza he is over 14 years old now "we think". We saved him in 1999 from being put down he is the BEST puppy in the whole world but he is getting older every day just like us....the thing is he was up all night last night STANDING STILL...somehow around 8:30 last night he hurt his shoulder it was impossible for him to lay down. I cried most of the night...I couldn't sleep I could not cope with the reality that someday soon I won't have this sweet spirit in my life anymore ....it is devastating to me. I gave him a baby aspirin this morning in hopes it would give him enough relief to finally lay down. IT WORKED 20 minutes ago he was looking at me with those big brown eyes when he sighed blinked at me just as he layed down to rest for the first time in `15 or more hours....He is one tired pooch....I am sharing all this becuase it's all I can think about today. I know you all understand the heart of a dog lover....I will post something more tomorrow. I just wanted to ask for prayer for Terza and for me......thank you girls it is a blessing to know your out there have a peaceful day............Karena

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