Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Beauty of Bountiful......

Victoria magazine is my ALL TIME FAVORITE magazine in the 1996 issue they did a layout of a store in Venice Beach California by the name of "Bountiful"....the owner.......Sue Balmforth is synonymous with all styles "CHIC"....including the wave first started to gain momentum in the design arena...we all started to hear Sue's name or catch her on shows like ..." HGTV'' ...the Today show and others.

the article was stunning to me....the photo's were spectacular was so "ME" that I held on to the issue for all these years
In 2004
my sweetie and I made a trip back to California to visit family as well as spend some time with my best friend was my dream to drive out to Venice ...find Abbott Kinney Rd.....(the street Bountiful is on) to spend an afternoon at this amazing place I'd been dreaming about for almost 10 years....As we walked in I felt EXACTLY the way I always knew I would....there just isn't any explanation or description I can give you that would do justice to the Brilliant atmosphere that Sue has created ....When we continued further in we heard voices.....there in the middle of all this luxury was a group of I approached them I realized that one of them.....WAS SUE BALMFORTH person talking to these customers not a foot in front of me....we excused ourselves to pass by them......we meandered through the store for a good 30 minutes...I realized after some time that we had all gone off in our own direction...different things calling to I was looking for J and my sweetie I turned a corner only to find myself directly in front of Sue as she asked me if I needed help....That moment turned into an hour of discussion with her....sweetie and J eventually found us ....J continued to look around outside while we kept talking...I felt so blessed to have "THIS MOMENT'....I told her how much I loved the look...told her we were living in North was just an amazing experience....I have been influenced by ....BOUNTIFUL...since that this day......I hope you have a chance to look Sue up online....thank you for visiting with me this morning....I pray the Lord shines his mercies on you today girls.....a BIG hug ...and Blessings to you .......Karena

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