Thursday, November 3, 2011

Offering A Note Of Encouragment....

Morning is here...I've been up for a while ....I was looking through some of my favorite blogs last night ...I was touched by so many of you that are going through some major life changes...some of you are starting your life over after saying good-by to your marriages...some of you are moving to another state...a new house....a brand new life....others are embracing new faces that your adding to your family...still others are looking for work...trying to make ends meet...and praying for answers to some really hard circumstances...I have been through so many of the same "SEASONS" in my life at one time or another...I wanted to offer up a prayer for all of you today....

For of the miraculous things about blogging is the support...friendship...and laughter we bring one another...but sometimes I think we all need the "Balm" of knowing in our hearts that someone cares about us...cares about what were going through in life even if we never see their faces or hear their voices we can know their heart is for all of you prayer is for you to feel an extra touch of peace ....encouragement....possibility...and pride for your hard work as you walk out the steps it takes to get from ........where you where you want to go....the other side ...sometimes takes A LOT OF SACRIFICE.... I found this spoke to me....I hope it speaks to you as well.....
  May the wings of faith uphold you
                 When your cross is hard to bear,
                 As temptations surround you,
                 And no one seems to care.
                 May the wings of faith surround you
                 And shield you from the pain
                 When sorrows overcome you
                 And teardrops fall like rain.
                 May you know that God is with you
                 In times of deep despair.
                 May the spirit, who's within you,
                 Confirm that He is there!
                 May the valley of the shadow
                 Provide angels unaware...
                 May the wings of faith uphold you
                 When your cross is hard to bear.
  Poet, Clay Harrison

No matter where we live big our walls are...what kinds of things we're trying to cope with .... .or what our stuff looks like inside.....we have much to be thankful  for especially when we're in the trenches  ....the WAY that heals us ...can take us to  some unexpected...amazing...places........when we open our hearts to the possibilities..... my prayer for us today that we allow ourselves to lean into the SURPRISES....even if their a little scary...the Lord says he will never leave us or forsake us....and that he will ....GIVE US WHAT WE NEED....NOT JUST WHAT WE soothing is that to are luxuriously loved....wondrously have a purpose....I appreciate every one of you....thanks so much for stopping by ....blessings and big hugs till next time......Karena


  1. I like this picture of the mobile. Reminds me of how my mother had to live. My dad's father built her a wooden mobile home, a replica, a toy. Ask Bob about it. I am finding how to access this quickly, maybe save it on my iGoogle page so I can keep up with you. I love the music you have, but can't have the sound up here in the library. I will look through this to see what I have missed. Keep up the Good work--love you, Nan

  2. My other comment doesn't seem to be here. But I have now added your blog to my iGoogle home page so I can see your latests posts. I did scroll through and especially enjoyed the pictures of the tent upstairs or the attic. I am looking forward to another visit. You have some lovely pictures and thoughts here. Thank you for sharing, love, Nan

  3. Sweet, thoughtful and caring... just like you:) I know so many who are going thru hard times, some in my own family and some here in blogland! I pray... and that helps me when I feel down, by looking up:) Have a blessed day and thanks for this word of encouragement and sweet poem! HUGS!

  4. Oh my dear Karena, you are a breath of fresh air. Your blog blesses my life everyday. Thank you for your sweet and loving words.



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