Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Thoughts & A Thank You....

Good Friday Morning Girls...boy this week flew  by at our house...not sure why but I'm happy to be on the heels of another weekend...The picture above is a favorite of mine since it's subject matter is about "Dog Friends"...I  wanted to say THANK YOU....  for your kind words of love and support at the loss of my furry friends ...this week was hard ...making friends with a new sort of "rhythm" in the house....
This unusual picture is of our attic as you walk up the stairs....your actually looking at some windows my sweetie put in the rafters for some of his collections...each window pane has something unique in it...I thought it was a brilliant can't take it all in just right I know because of angles and lighting but I thought it was an artistic thought....
I am looking forward to getting up here with my sweetie soon to rearrange things...thin things down...for the "Yard Sale" we plan on having in the spring time thinning things out will be fun and productive...I always like the art of letting go......someone else will take over the watch care of treasures  that speak to them...I love that part of collecting....we don't need to HOLD ON TO EVERYTHING FOREVER....
One thing we have a hard time letting go of is books....I love books....they are full of potential...secrets...surprises....just sitting quietly on the shelf ..WAITING...until the  moment I have an overwhelming need to pick one up and begin reading...what an adventure...I hope you all have a splendid day today...I will be thinking of you...blessings and big hugs...Karena


  1. Blessings to you too dear Karena! I love your attic decor! Your husbands creation in the rafters is genius! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  2. The window idea is great! He's pretty smart for a guy!;>) I am paring down, too. I have wayyyy tooooo much stuff. The hardest thing for me to let go of? guessed it...books. xo Diana

  3. Love your pictures and your thoughts and sharing a moment in the "Tent Upstairs" with you. There is nothing like a book, even though I enjoy my "Nook." I enjoy my "collections" of books and love to see how others arrange theirs. I love the idea of the "windows" in the ceiling showcasing your treasures.

    I have enjoyed a week with our sister, Brenda; we have tried to cram as much in as possible. Right now she is "stuck" in Corning and needs your prayers to get home safely. Too much snow up there.


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