Friday, January 27, 2012

Rain & Wind....My Favorite Kind of Day....

Hello everyone...It's one of my favorite kind of days today...we have heavy rain....lot's of wind...AND the temperature is only 58 

This is a peek out our back door...I was hoping to catch the rainfall but it's a little hard to see...

This is a picture of a pot of flower's my sweetie bought me from Trader Joe's...I grew up in Southern California with a Trader Joe's across the street from our house...when they showed up on the East Coast a few years ago It was THRILLING to me...I just love shopping there...raw foods....good produce...the best raw almonds EVER...they come in little packets you can take with you for snacking...almonds are so good for us...I try to eat a packet a day or more...instead of unhealthy things...who knew snacking could be good for you...well Trader Joe's did....and does....

I have chores to do today...still haven't made our bed...laundry is staring at me ....the kitchen needs a good scrub...and the family room could use a vacum ...I don't mind ....on days like this when Mother Nature is feeling emotional I am inspired...quirky I know but I have been this way my whole in sunny California growing up it was rarely best friend and I would call each other up ANY time it was cloudy...cold...rainy..we'd squeal at one another..."Have You Looked Outside"...still to this day with over 23 years of of the first things we ask each other over the phone is "How's the Weather" while I try to get motivated to tackle my to do list...I wish you blessings...big hugs....and some cloudy weather....thanks for popping in...Karena


  1. It has been cloudy today here too! I haven't been at home much but I do love to stay in when it is rainy outside! Have a blessed weekend dear Karena, HUGS!

  2. I also love a cloudy, rainy, even foggy, day out here. I love to watch the sky. We had a lovely big rain here the other day (Fresno). I hope you are entering into an inspirational weekend. I enjoy your pictures and as always, the music.--and your changing background. Thank you for the "hug." I need it today.

  3. Adorable post:) Isn't it amazing how the weather influences our days? We are still waiting for 'The Snow Storm' of the season here in New England. Enjoying warms temps today and it made us all happy:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens


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