Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Simple Pleasrues are the BEST....

In our neck of the woods we are blessed to have a dairy near by that still delivers milk, half and half, the best cottage cheese ever..and all things dairy...on the morning of delivery which for us is Tuesday our delivery quietly appears early in the am ...sometimes before the sun rises...this week as I was waking up the first thought was "has the milk come yet"...like a little surprise...I suddenly had a memory of being 7 or 8 in Southern California back in 63 or 64...we had a bakery company called "Helms Bakery"...2 times a week they would come driving through the neighborhood...they would honk their horns 2 times that gave all the mom's on our street including my own time to get the blue card with the yellow ship wheel on it in the front window...as the Helms man drove by...if he saw your card in the window he knew to stop...this is one of my favorite memories...the smells that came wafting off that truck were stunning.
This is a 1930's Helms truck...ADORABLE RIGHT...anyway waking up to this memory this morning was special...reminding me once again how precious the simple things in life are...bakery or milk delivered to our doors...that first sip of strong coffee with fresh half & half, the first lawn mowing of spring...all these things are the real gifts in life...many of them pennies on the dollar....but priceless in value...the simple pleasures are the best....till next time girls...blessings and big hugs...Karena

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  1. Simple pleasures are life's greatest treasures:) We had fresh milk when I was growing up too... right from the cow! Enjoy your day my friend, BIG HUGS!


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