Friday, March 30, 2012

Target Treasures...Tools...& A Thank You

Last Saturday my sweetie went to Target ...since I was at home recuperating he decided to bring me a SURPRISE...always a thrill anytime I see TARGET BAGS COMING THROUGH THE DOOR....he found this Rachel Ashwell book on sale is about her new venture "PRAIRIE"...the Bed & Breakfast she has in Texas...It's stunning with wonderful pictures and lots of thoughts from Rachel about why her new passion is this special place she's creating...I LOVE reading about her journey's in special it is to be reminded that when we least expect it new breezes can begin sweeping across the landscape of our lives....changing our direction...shifting our paths...pointing us toward ...ALL THINGS NEW....stunning...I thought I'd share this you may want to check it out...Target had the book in the home section where Rachel's "SIMPLY SHABBY CHIC" Bedding line is on an end cap...check it out...
The next thing I've been working on is trying to find a tool for editing photos ...I found "Picmonkey" through Diana at "Nana Diana takes a break"....thank you so much is simple to work with and easy to save to my computer....your so smart !!!!!
This Rose is in a floral arrangement I received when I got home from the hospital from my daughters beautiful best friend Jessica and her sweet little's so lovely...and has lasted for 2 weeks tomorrow...this particular pink rose has taken upon itself to "dry" in this perfect wrinkly cabbage rose stage of opening....I LOVE is a double the bouquet will be preserved for me to enjoy for a long time to come....THANK YOU JESSICA....
I have some walking to do around the back yard....I need to fill my lungs with fresh air...I hope you all have a wonderful's Friday you the weekend is stretched out in front of you...I am looking forward to well beautiful girls....till next time blessings and BIG HUGS...Karena


  1. I also used PicMonkey this morning and it was easy peasy! Love your flowers and your attitude toward a new day:) BIG HUGS!!!!

  2. Oh Karena! Thank YOU for the Thank you but I am not so smart. I found out about PicMonkey from Claudia over at Mockingbird Hill. SHE is the smart gal.

    What fun that your hubby brought you that book. My hubby would never think to do that...not that he isn't thoughtful but that kind of thing would just never occur to him.

    Love your roses and love coming here to visit you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo Diana


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