Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter is Almost Here....

Good Morning everyone...I am up early this morning it's slow going getting my sleep pattern's back to normal...but I am WORKING AT IT....I woke up realizing Easter Sunday is this weekend our family will come here for dinner ...hopefully we will have GREAT WEATHER...

These pictures are of a table top rose bush I have that is blooming it's little heart out...I took my camera out with me yesterday as I was walking my laps in the yard...after finishing I snapped these roses they were so pretty and I waited for my camera to focus I realized what a testament to life flowers are...

They push forth from their stems leaf growth...height ...then their crowning glory of petals...color...scent...and structure standing tall ...bending when the breezes blow...they don't shrink back from the occasional honey bee or hide from rain drops that appear to come down from the clouds so furiously it seems as though the tiny drops of water will destroy the petals...but they DON'T....the rain drops come...the rose's reach up ...lean in....and welcome the rain ...almost as if they have some knowing place that the water will do them much more good then harm...

I was encouraged by this passing a life lesson I needed ...I have the same quality's of strength and perseverance as our flower friend's...I can stand tall....all 4' 11" inches of me...lean in and wait on my heavenly father to renew my future...because he gave them to me...I praise him for that thought...for our Savior...for the special renewing time of year this is...all of nature seems to feel it...waking up all around us...reminding us that all things have a season...and new things will come...the garden's of our life will burst with new growth...fill our ears with bird songs and maybe even gift us with bunny friends...(ours was back at dusk last night...I didn't see her yet but my sweetie did)

I pray you all have a stunning Easter Sunday sweet friends...till next time I thank you so much for visiting today...blessings and BIG hugs...Karena


  1. I love your sweet roses and the "message" you got from looking at them. It is hard to re-establish a sleep pattern, isn't it? I have the same problem. Blessings to you and I hope you have a wonderful Easter. xo Diana

  2. I love roses too and some have the most gorgeous scents. Wishing you a beautiful Easter Sunday.


  3. Easter Blessings sent your way too! Love the flowers! Beauty all around:) HUGS!


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