Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So Shines A Good Deed...In A Weary World....

The title of this post is one of the last lines from "Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" I am thankful this morning too for "Good Deeds" in the form of help that my sweetie offered me last weekend...Our house was built in 1941..it's a beauty with good bones....architectural detail and lots of warmth in layout and structure...BUT...one of the things it lacks is closet space...our bedroom has one tall skinny closet adequate for 1941 life styles...2012 is a different matter....when we moved in I put an armoire in the room to use as supplemental closet space...however after coming home from the hospital I found myself fighting every morning trying to find something easy to wear since I have a "Hitch in my get along"...I was so frustrated I had to ask my sweet husband to help me...when I opened the armoire door he said ..."this doesn't work so well for you does it"...my reply was "no it doesn't"...

So 2 Saturdays ago he went on a special mission to find something he could build for me that would fix my dilemma...he came home with this "box system"...BRILLIANT....
4 Box's one set of shelves per box gave me 6 cubbies for soft sided bins that work great to hold everything I need up close...this left my Ar moire much less cluttered....the finished product is below...I even received a lamp for good lighting...can you believe it no light in these old closets...how did people see things back then...

So here it is all finished...organized and full of light....I love it...thank you sweetie for all your hard work...the act of organizing....getting rid of clutter...purging ourselves of unnecessary items in our homes has such a freeing effect...like digging out from under a hill that's pressing in on you...I hope you all have a splendid day...I need to take on my day too...till next time blessings and big hugs....Karena


  1. Your husband is so thoughtful. I live in a house that was built a couple of years before yours so I know what you mean about lack of storage. It makes you wonder if people only used to own a total of ten pieces of clothing. LOL.


  2. I am happy that life was made a little easier by changing things around! What a guy to recognize a problem AND do something about it! I pray that you continue to improve "day by day"! HUGS!

  3. Now THAT is a thoughtful hubby AND a good sport! It looks great! Most of the houses built in that era were short on most storage space. Hope you are doing well today- xo Diana


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