Monday, September 12, 2011


Good Monday Morning girls are you all this beautiful day....It looks like  a day full of sunshine  for me today...I'm okay with that because I can feel my friend FALL peeking in through the window ...the evening temperature's are dropping every night and the leaves on our trees are beginning to turn color ever so slightly I don't mind a few more days in the 80's...I had a nice weekend did you...we went and visited my sister for dinner Saturday night...during the day we went to some yard sales one of them was small but the things they had were totally me....totally inexpensive...and the lady's running it were adorable....I will share some pictures tomorrow....for today my sweetie is home he's playing the piano as I write this....I AM THINKING about getting in the car packing some food to nibble on while we drive to the mountains with our kids....this time of year ALWAYS brings me a bit of the wanderlust for fields of "Bittersweet"...The smell of fireplaces burning....  picking apples and leaves crunching under my Virginia that means miles of farm land on our way up to the Shenandoah mountains...I hope we can make some plans soon to make this dream of mine a reality....for now I will leave you with some pictures you might enjoy......blessings and hugs to you.......Karena


  1. Beautiful pictures!!!! I am getting the driving in the mountains bug:) Have a blessed day my friend, enjoy! HUGS!

  2. I get wanderlust this time of year too! I think I am a bit of gypsy at heart! xo Diana


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