Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16th....A Very Special Day....

Good Morning ladies....I'm thinking your figuring out from the picture above what today is...YES...It is my Wedding Anniversary my husband and I said our "I Do's" 16 years ago today...if you indulge me for a minute I will share our love story with you...In 1994 my mom daughter and I moved from California to Virginia to be with my sister who had moved in 93'. My daughter and I were on our own for 8 years after her dad left....I never dated ex was involved with another woman ...sadly... my daughter had to "make friends" with the reality of this new made perfect sense for me to be about the business of taking care of her...loving her...and raising her with NO STRANGE MEN in her life for the years we lived in Cali I was happy to work....create...and be my daughter's momma...right before we made the decision to move..... my sister was settled in her new home in Virginia it was the end of 1993...she called me one day after church ...her first words were "Karena guess what.." I asked "what"...her answer was..."I just met my future brother-in-law"....I cracked up ...she said it with such conviction ....I said .."Oh really"...she began to tell me about a man she had met at church....she said he was a single dad...alone for 7 years...he had a 10 year old daughter...he was super nice....AND...he was a good hugger.....I laughed year later we made the move to the East Coast...but during that time my sister would call me with "updates" of this gentleman...when we arrived in Virginia my brother-in-law and sister must have introduced this man to me at least 9 times to the point of embarrassment...even the church was in on getting us to meet Sunday the pastor asked my sweetie and I to count the collection at the end of service....that was the beginning of our relationship. He asked me out on Memorial Day Weekend ...our first date was with my WHOLE  family...all 8 of us with he and his daughter....(I needed the support)....I have to share a really special part of this story...2 years before we met ...when we were still in California ....we were all at my sisters for dinner....I was extremely quiet as we sat in her kitchen..she was stirring spaghetti sauce...she looked over at me ...she asked "Sister whats bothering you"...I burst into tears..."how long does the Lord want me to be alone...won't I ever meet anyone for love me just the way I am..." she wiped her hands...turned the sauce down walked towards me and said "come with me."..she headed up stairs where she grabbed a pen and paper...I sat on the bed she sat on the floor as she said "okay you tell me everything you want in a husband EVERYTHING..don't leave anything out...I'll write it all down" I started a wasn't too long but long enough...after I was done...she asked me "is that everything" ...then she read it all back to me....she said "OKAY...I am going to save this in this antique olive oil can ...when the Lord brings this man into your life and you get engaged....we will open it...and read it together..." I said Okay let me pray over it ...I want to write something on it...I wrote....."Jesus I believe in your timing...your will....please honor PROMISED"....When my sweetie proposed we went straight back to my sisters to grab that can....I wanted to read it with him sister and brother-in-law sat down with us as we read it....we all cried ....each quality we wrote down described my future husband..when he was done reading...he looked over at me with tears in his eyes...."sweetie did you see the date on this ....I said no I haven't read it since we wrote it....he said the date is exactly 2 years to the day before we met"....I had totally forgotten that we wrote it on Memorial Day Weekend 1992....all I new then....and know now is that our God is FAITHFUL....the groaning of my soul was for a season...I needed to sort things out...have alone time to step into God's wisdom he knew the EXACT moment he would bring my sweetie and I this day having this man to love...being loved by nothing short of a MIRACLE....I never take it for granted....

We were engaged in July...married 2 months later...we honey mooned in Williamsburg

Nag's Head

then we made our way to Nags Head North Carolina

thank you for allowing me to reminisce girls....have a fabulous Friday...blessings and hugs to you...Karena


  1. Oh -What a wonderful story...and now I have tears in MY eyes (at work, no less). I love a story like this- where God's promises are able to be realized right here on Earth! xo Diana

  2. Hi Karena,

    I had to stop at least three times to wipe the tears from my eyes. Hang on, wiping again...

    Where to begin... your story is not only so utterly sweet and romantic but what an incredible testament of faith and of God's endless miracles. There is absolutely no question from reading your story that God did not have his hand all over this. No one could convince me otherwise and I am sure you and your family all KNOW the same thing. So touching. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, heartwarming story.

    Today we had a small miracle from God and though it's not as dramatic as a marriage it was something that my husband, the other people involved in a transaction with us, and I knew that God put this together. I may share this on an upcoming has to do with a vehicle.

    I am so glad you stopped by my blog today and started following along. The painting you asked about is not a Marty Bell, though I know some of her beautiful work. The painting above the two red checked chairs is one my Mom did for me! She is an artist although is unable to do much any more because her eyesight has deteriorated with age and she is unable to see close up detail. She has done some painting but had to use a magnifying light to work with so that she can see. She is an amazing woman and has won some awards and such for paintings she did in the past. I've shown three or four of her paintings that are in my home. on my blog. I'm sure she will be flattered to know you thought it was a Marty Bell...I'm flattered for her!

    Again, thank you for finding my blog and mostly for sharing your story of meeting your hubby. My husband and I are celebrating our 25th in a couple of weeks.

    So nice to 'meet' you,

    Nancy's Daily Dish

  3. Oh what a sweet walk down memory lane with you and your LOVE meeting and becoming engaged! I admire you for waiting until the time was right for you BUT mostly just the right time for your family! Happy Anniversary dear Karena, sounds like a HAPPY one for sure! HUGS!

  4. What a fabulous story! How Blessed you are indeed!
    Well congratulations! {{clink}} here's to the next 16!
    Hugs. Kren


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