Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Hermitage Gardens......

Good Morning Ladies...I wanted to share the rest of my pictures of ...The Hermitage Gardens with you...such a beautiful serene ...

This bird feeder was interesting...if you look closely the decoration was created with "Bicycle Tires"...they put one under the feeder...then unrolled one to let it spiral clever
Mrs. Sloan the owner of Hermitage House had a passion for Mill Stones...she collected them from all over the country...then created spaces in her gardens with them...
This is one of the views across the water from The Hermitage...
A portrait of Mrs. Sloan....
I hope you enjoyed peeking at these Gardens with me....I have some chores to do this morning so I better get to it...I enjoyed spending this time with you....have a wonderful day...I wish you blessings and hugs till next time...Karena


  1. What a gorgeous place. Love the mill stones used as pavers. So clever. Now where does one get a hold of some mill stones? hmmmmm. Hope you enjoyed a beautiful day.


  2. Karena- That is just a gorgeous spot! I love it. What a fun way to spend a day-wandering around a place like that. I must say- you do take good photos, girlie!

    I have been up and at work since about 5am so I am off to bed here soon. Just wanted to check out a few of my favorites. Hope you have a great day tomorrow- xo Diana


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