Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thought you'd like to see

Below are pictures of our newly "ORGANIZED" attic.......I wrote earlier about the cozy cabin in our attic. We have been working like little bee's buzzing through box's ...crates...and trunks to create a space that is warm ...inviting......and COZY.....My sweetie and I stayed up in this space all weekend just hanging out. It was like having a get away in our own is warm here in our neck of the woods but up there the breezes blow....the birds sing....there is even a "special kind of scent" Cinnamon and wood...I thought you might enjoy knowing a little bit about the pieces we have up here.. The chairs we have are mix and match so we made them more appealing by slip covering them. The chair on the left in the picture below I covered with drop cloths from Home Depot. It took two 5'x5' and one 6'x9' cloths to cover the chair and the cushion. The ottomans from chairs we have downstairs but can't use are sprinkled around the room in alcoves and one in front of the chairs. Bookcases and cabinets are some that we "married" and others that we just sort of created. My sweetie spent time in Japan years ago and brought back Tea Box's that are covered inside with tin.......we have stacked them to make storage space and display surfaces...Here's the thing about this space...when we first told the FAM  our plans I think they were surprised ....maybe even doubtful that we could do anything with the space that would make sense. We pressed on trying to talk as we worked about what purpose we each had in mind about the space. Both of us agreed we wanted to create something know what ??? We did......this spot is even more then we dreamed about...and our faces (family) have jumped on the "Boy this is so cool" wagon with us......I think we are all looking forward to spending time together up here having good cream.....playing games ....and making memories....Thank you so much for stopping by.....God Bless each of you today........blessings Karena

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