Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Friday......

Clocks and books are all over our day soon I will take some pictures of the clocks we have....books too are another favorite design friend.....I thought I would take you along on a tour of our bedroom.....this clock and stack of books sit on our bedside cabinet.....

This is the wall to your left as you walk in we added the mantle and the Vermont Castings Stove
This quilt was a find at a yard sale for five dollars last summer we were out with my sister I love it...
This is the other side of the room......our house was built in is short on closet space I use the Ar moire for additional storage for clothes ...blankets and such....
I love changing things up ....switching accessories furniture is always a process... each new idea is like an sweetie has a great eye...he is extremely creative too...... we both enjoy CREATING OUR HOME.....many Saturday mornings as we're drinking our coffee we have made one another laugh by saying..." I HAVE AN IDEA" the same time....I appreciate his input so much....when we had our store in North Carolina we worked as a team to create displays .....choose our product.......hoping to engage all the our customers would FEEL SPECIAL.... .....that experience has washed over to creating a home that provides us with a bit of....BLISS...I will share some other pictures of our humble little home another day.........for now I thank you for stopping by.....I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.......blessings to you girls........Karena


  1. Your room looks lovely! I love that little chair. It looks like an antique. I hope you are having a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.

  2. Hi there Karena, I found you thru my friend Karen at Some Days are Diamonds! I love your gorgeous home and was raised in a home built in the 1940s, ahhhhh "home sweet home"!

    Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS from Georgia!

  3. You home is lovely. The quilt is gorgeous and I so agree, using books and clocks are such great accessories. I am thrilled to discover your blog. I will be back. Happy Friday. Hugs, Marty

  4. What a pretty bedroom you have!
    The quilt was quite the find too!
    Came from Karen's at Some Days are Diamonds!


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