Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Celebrating the First Day of Shool.....

Hi there girls...I'm so happy you stopped by  I woke up thinking so many of you are kicking off the new school year with your kiddo's this morning...so exciting...I remember how new clothes were laid out when my little one was still small...the whole house was a-buzz with anticipation....the school bus had to be caught...or car pool's began rolling ....new friends were made...after school the all important question "How did you like your teacher" was always the first thing I asked...seems I remember that one question unlocked a "tumble" of  happy memories my little one was so excited to share....So my point is...ENJOY YOUR DAY TODAY....I will be praying for all of you and your little ones too that their first day of school is a great day in their memory and yours...don't forget to do something nice for yourself today.......blessings and BIG hugs.....Karena

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  1. Well good morning Karena! My Grandchildren have been back at school of over a month! They go to a Private School and have some "week long" breaks scattered thru the school year, therefore they start early:)

    Enjoy your day and thanks for triggering the memories of MY first days of school!



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