Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day girls...I hope your all having some fun this holiday even if it's just being at home "CREATING"...what's on my mind today is the fun of gathering things we've found at thrift stores yard sales flea markets or gleaned from friends...
Stool's I've found over time from many different places...but stacked together...they look like they belong....
Old post cards .....bed springs...a felt doorknobs and of course books..create a display that makes me HAPPY
A bit of whimsy here in the bath....a sweet lamp wearing a shade from "Simply Shabby Chic" (Target)....pretties things up
On the wall of our bath one of my favorite oval  cottage prints....sitting inside a frame I found....

The radiator in the bath wears flowers..a mirror...a crystal bowl ...and my favorite fairy Tinkerbell...these things all come together ....the word I think is unexpected know what....I think all of you have been a big surprise to me too....your visit's...comments...and friendship are such a I feel BLESSED....please stop by anytime big hugs to each of you....Karena

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  1. Hi there dear friend, I love all of your pretties! I can't see where your blog says "post a comment"! I know where it is, so I just click there but others might not know how to post a comment:) Perhaps change the color of the text to something different?

    Have a blessed day, HUGS!


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