Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm So Excited.....

Good Morning Beautiful Ladies.......happy Wednesday morning to you....I am so excited this morning...I was up early my "Nettie"...(my net book) I had something particular on my mind...years ago ..eleven to be exact in 2000 Romantic Homes did an issue that had an artist in it that I fell in love with....her name is Christie Repasy....I know some of you must have heard of her too....anyway I held on to that issue for two years ...then in 2002 we moved into our Carolina Cottage...we also opened our morning I was at the shop going through some box's of things to price... at the bottom were some magazines I had packed for guessed it one of them was the issue I had saved of Christie...after looking at it again I noticed in the back they had listed a phone number for her....I picked up the phone to call..I wanted to ask her if she made her BEAUTIFUL paintings available for stores to carry...Well I dialed the number it started my surprise and delight Christie answered it HERSELF...I was so happy to introduce myself....she was was a thrill to talk to her about her art....her passion for roses....a bit about myself and our store....I was blessed with her open heart ....she was Luxuriously generous with her time ...she gave me a gift during that conversation that I hold in my heart to this day.....a gift of INSPIRATION........that brings me back to this morning I wanted to talk about her in this post but knew I needed to ASK PERMISSION...I emailed her less then an hour ago...she got back to me right away and said....YES....(Thank You Christie)...are you ready girls to see some FABULOUS HEAVEN SENT TALENT...I hope you enjoy....the link to Christie is below her blog is "Chateau De Fluers"

This is a picture of Christie that was taken for an interview she did with "Make Mine Pink" here is the link
This is the most BRILLIANT idea for a chair re-do I have ever seen

She also has a web page

I think it will be worth your time to visit Christie on her blog or her web page....I believe you will be for me that is what I am praying for you girls today.....BLESSINGS....

The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD
make his face shine upon you and be gracious
to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and
give you peace. Amen.       ( Numbers 6:24 )


  1. Hi Karena, what a sweet story. Thanks for posting and I am so glad you hooked up with me again! Blessing to you! Christie

  2. Sweet post, beautiful lady and the chair IS SO PRETTY:)

    Sweet verse too! Have a blessed day, HUGS!


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